ElectricityBusiness Large Fixed

The product ElectricityBusiness Large Fixed of ELPEDISON covers the needs of Medium Voltage customers, with a total Installed Power greater than 250 kVA, a yearly Energy Consumption up to 3.000.000 kWh per supply meter and a Load Factor up to 70%.

With ElectricityBusiness Large Fixed, you ensure:
  • No fixed fees
  • Fixed Prices
  • Significant discount for customers who pay on time
  • Free of charge ΕLPEDISON Green Certificate service
  • A single rate tariff for the total consumption volume, with no differentiation between consumption tiers
  • High quality Customer Support offered by ELPEDISON

  • ElectricityBusiness Large Fixed tariffs -competitive part- are:

    Product Name Time Zones Monthly Fee Energy Charge

    Capacity Charge

    Discount for paying on time Green Certificate Service  

    ElectricityBusiness Large Fixed
    07:00-23:00 working days, throughout the year NO 0,0745



    Free of charge
    23:00-07:00 working days and all hours of weekends and of the bank holidays of the year NO


    Prior to VAT, any other applicable taxes and levies

    For more details, please refer to the ELPEDISON Pricelist, in the section ‘Become our Customer’.

    The Regulated Charges are common for all Energy Suppliers, as approved by the Ministry of Energy and are applied on top of the competitive charges, on your monthly energy bill.

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