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Night 24H Building

ELPEDISON offers the most competitive solution for your building’s central electricity supply, program Night 24h Building!

Enjoy Night Charges 24h per day. Simple, clear & unconditional!

Night 24h Building offers the following:
  • 50€ Discount on the 1st bill
  • Night Charges 24h per day
  • Discount 10% until contract expiration
  • Discount 10% if you pay your bills on time*
  • No special condition - it refers to every building’s central electricity supply
  • Clear, single charges that don’t penalize high consumption
  • High quality, digital services via myelpedison

Night 24h Building refers to building’s central electricity supply (Γ21).

Ensure now the most competitive program, Night 24h Building.

Program After Discount 10%
Before Discount 10%
 Electricity Charges (€/kWh)  Monthly Fee (€) Electricity Charges (€/kWh)  Monthly Fee (€)

Night 24h Building

0,06580  5,60 0,07311
Before VAT, any other applicable taxes and levies.

There is possibility of price adjustments according to the 6th term of the Electricity Supply Contract. Find here an indicative example of the price adjustment formula.

Click here for the terms of Night 24h Building.

Click here for the new pricelist, due to the adjustment clause suspension.

In order to get on of the Night 24h Building program, call 18128.

    • The Regulated Charges are common for all Energy Suppliers, as approved by the Ministry of Energy and are applied on top of the competitive charges, on your monthly energy bill.

      *Good payment behavior discount is applicable after the expiration of “Extra discount 10% until contract expiration” period.

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