Terms of Use

We welcome you to the official website of ELPEDISON.

The terms and conditions of use for the access and use of our websites, which every visitor/user must study carefully and in case of disagreement to refrain from making any use of them, are brought to your attention below. By using our websites, the visitor/user declares the explicit and unreserved acceptance of the terms of use, which apply to the total content of our websites.

The present terms of use may be renewed and modified by ELPEDISON partly or wholly, when it is deemed necessary, in order to increase the information available to the visitor/user, always in the context of good faith and fair commercial practices and the visitor/user must check every time for possible amendments, according to the present. The continuation of the use by the visitor/user reaffirms the acceptance of the modified terms by him/her, while, in case of non-acceptance, the visitor/use must refrain from any use of them.

1. ELPEDISON Statements

1.1. Without prejudice to any error due to force majeure, including technical problems in the system, ELPEDISON declares that makes every possible effort to ensure the validity and accuracy of the information included in its websites, in order that the visitors/users form as complete a picture as possible of the products and services offered by ELPEDISON.

1.2. The information and content of ELPEDISON’s websites are in no case, directly or indirectly, encouragement, advice or inducement to perform any action, but the visitor/user is requested to assess individually and act at his/her discretion, with the exclusion of any responsibility on the part of ELPEDISON.

2. Visitor/user Statements - Obligations

The visitor/user solemnly declares that he/she will not use the company’s websites for sending, publishing, or transmitting or making available via other means of content that may be illegal, threatening, disturbing, obscene or expressing hatred, racial or other discriminations, violating any patent, trademark, intellectual rights or other third-party property rights, containing software viruses or any other codes, files or programs designed for the purpose of causing harm, for destructing of or interfering with the operation of any software or hardware, intentionally or unintentionally and generally infringing the existing Greek and community legislation. For any damage caused to ELPEDISON, by the above illicit or unfair use of the respective services by the visitor/user, the user is solely responsible.

3. Disclaimer

3.1. ELPEDISON is in no case responsible for any legal claims or any direct or indirect damage or costs, that may arise from the operation or non-operation, access, use or browsing through the company’s websites or by the download of material, text, and other data contained therein, including but not limited to possible damages causes by viruses, bugs, by human factor, by any computer system or accessory, hardware, software, program dysfunction or any other error, omission or delay in the transmission due to the computer or the internet connection.

3.2. ELPEDISON will do everything necessary for the good operation of its website, yet without guaranteeing that its operation will be constant, without errors or other types of technical problems. ELPEDISON does not accept any responsibility for possible destructions that may be caused by the access to and use of the company’s websites.

4. Intellectual and industrial property rights

4.1. All details, information and data included in the official ELPEDISON website, including but not limited to images, photographs, texts, diagrams, provided services and any type of files concerning the offered products in general, are intellectual property of ELPEDISON and are protected by the respective legislative provisions of the European and Greek intellectual property Law 2121/1993).

4.2. The names given to ELPEDISON products, the logos and distinctive features included in this are either registered marks or particular distinctive features of the Website and the products offered through it, and are protected by the respective Greek and community legislative provisions on trademarks, industrial and intellectual property and unfair competition.

4.3. The access to the above details and information via the websites does not in any way entail the transfer or assignment of a license or right of their use. Any copy, reproduction, distribution, transfer, downloading or other use of the content of the websites resulting, among others, in the misleading of the visitors/users, is explicitly prohibited, unless ELPEDISON explicitly grants a previous written authorization.

4.4. By way of exception and without this implying the granting of intellectual property rights, the individual storage and copy of the provided information is allowed for strictly personal use, without the intention of commercial or other exploitation, and provided that the indication of their source of origin is not altered.

5. Personal Data Protection

The protection of the visitor/user’s personal data is governed by the General Data Protection Regulation (E.U.) 2016/679 and the national and European legislative and regulatory framework on personal data protection in force. For more information concerning the use of the visitors/users’ personal data read the ELPEDISON PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION STATEMENT.

6. Applicable law - Jurisdiction

6.1. The present terms of use are governed by the Greek Law.

6.2. The courts of Athens shall have jurisdiction for the resolving of any dispute arising within the framework of the implementation of the present terms.

7. General provisions

7.1. ELPEDISION’s omission or delay to exercise its legal or contractual rights, arising from these terms of use, will in no way be construed as waiver of such rights nor be deemed a weakening of its rights.

7.2. The above terms are agreed as essential and are modified solely in writing.

7.3. The invalidity or voidability of a term will in no way not affect the validity of the other terms.

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